Library and information services are crucial to achieving access to information and freedom of expression and in fostering literacy and learning. We monitor global developments relevant to information professionals and advance the interests of our members by working with a number of international organisations.

  • International - Organisations

    We work with a number of organisations to influence global developments and to advance the interests of our members.

  • Statement on intellectual freedom, access to information and censorship

    CILIP is committed to promoting a society where intellectual activity and creativity, freedom of expression and debate, and access to information are encouraged and nurtured as vital elements underpinning individual and community fulfilment in all aspects of human life.


  • International - Policy statement

    Our international policy statement sets out the importance we place on international work. 

  • Cross-European survey on public perceptions of public libraries

    What impact do public libraries have on the lives of people across the European Union? Public library perceptions surveys were conducted in 17 European Union countries covering general public library use and use of public access computers in libraries.

  • International Development Committee Inquiry on the Sustainable Development Goals

    CILIP urges the UK government to support and promote the importance of access to information and the skills to use that information as a core target within Agenda 2030, previously referred to as the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, as an important human right and an essential component to successfully deliver all Goals currently proposed. This, alongside universal literacy, constitute essential building blocks to the achievement of all the SDGs.