Get ready for Libraries Week this October

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What is Libraries Week?

Libraries Week is the annual week-long showcase of the best that UK libraries have to offer.

Monday 9 to Saturday 14 October 2017 is a call for people to discover the range of things they can do at their library.

CILIP and a UK-wide network of libraries, partners and supporters will work together to showcase excellence in our libraries. We will encourage everyone to discover what libraries can do for them - and tell their friends!

The theme is ‘discovery’, with the message ‘discover something new’.

Social media

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Who can take part?

Libraries Week is open to all types of library who wish to take part and who will commit to bringing to market a great experience designed to build footfall and repeat use.

What do I need to do to take part?

Plan and run a solo event or set of activities during Libraries Week, designed to appeal to your community, target new users and give visitors a great experience.

You are asked to commit to running a local marketing campaign in the lead-up to October 14 and to list and promote your event/s via your library's or organisation’s communications channels.

To get started, register your library. We’ll send you emails and provide you with brand materials, templates, ideas and tools to help you plan, deliver and promote your Libraries Week activity.

What kind of activities should I run?

We want Libraries Week to become the annual showcase of the creative, innovative and diverse experiences that libraries have to offer. We want it to attract users and target audiences and for them to have an exciting, unusual experience or day out that leaves them thinking “I never knew libraries did that!”

Help more people to discover how the library can help and interest them. The focus is up to you – it’s an opportunity to make the most of your strengths and expertise.

It’s fine to run pre-planned or activities or to highlight your most popular services, but give some thought to how people can ‘discover something new’ and have a great experience – this could be new audiences discovering the library, or a new way of showing the community all the things you do.

Think about how you can use your expertise and the campaign brand and resources to put on a great experience that can help build footfall and repeat use.

What CILIP will do

  • Provide logos, brand assets, publicity materials and templates for download – in English and Welsh
  • Provide a Local PR toolkit and marketing tips for libraries to use
  • Host the Libraries Week website
  • Run the social media channels
  • Promote Libraries Week to the national media
  • Work with Andersen Press on digital assets for libraries
  • Send regular newsletters to participating libraries during September
  • Work with partners to support LW activity and promotion
  • Provide an evaluation/monitoring form

What we ask libraries to do

  • Create a branded event, set of events or theme to attract users, non-users and local politicians during Libraries Week
  • List your event/s on your own organisation channels or via social media or an event platform etc– and use #librariesweek to share
  • Promote and target audiences in the lead-up via a local marketing campaign: library displays, social media, local communications etc
  • Engage with your local press pre/post LW
  • Take part on social media from August to October: #librariesweek
  • Provide a great, welcoming experience during Libraries Week
  • Take follow up action, such as adding visitors to a mailing list, encouraging them to follow you on social media or joining them to the library.
  • Contribute to post-event analysis via an online evaluation

If not participating, please show your support on social media and signpost to other libraries

Assets and resources

Libraries Week assets will be available online from the end of August, including English and Welsh language logos, downloadable publicity material including posters, templates, supporter boards, social media graphics and signs.  We’ll have a local PR toolkit to help you to interest local media and key figures in the run up to Libraries Week and to win coverage after; and some basic marketing tips to help you spread the word.

Download logo files from Google drive.

The existing one page website will roll over to the full Libraries Week site around the end of August. It will be constructed around clear, dedicated sections for library and supporter audiences.

We won't ask libraries to list events on the Libraries Week website. Instead we ask you to promote your events via your organisation channels, online event platforms or social channels and then share and take part in social media during September and October to promote your events as part of the campaign.  Website visitors will be able to look up their local public library services in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


  • A great, welcoming customer experience at your library during Libraries Week
  • A solo day/event or set of compelling activities and experiences which attract new and existing users (this can include already-scheduled activities)
  • Targeted local advertising and marketing to attract existing and new audiences, incorporating the Libraries Week branding and messaging
  • Local press interest pre or post event
  • Take action to secure ongoing engagement and repeat use - for example by creating a mailing list, subscribing people for a library card or other follow-up activity
  • Participate in our online post-event evaluation

How people can take part

  • Visit the Libraries Week website to download supporter materials (from September)
  • Connect with their library and see what’s taking place
  • Follow Libraries Week on on social media and show their support using #librariesweek
  • Visit their library during 9-14 October

Celebrate Libraries Week with 'Luna Loves Library Day', Andersen Press

On 5 October, Andersen Press are publishing the first ever picture book authored by the poet Joseph Coelho: Luna Loves Library Day - illustrated by Fiona Lumbers.

To celebrate Libraries Week, you will be able to download special A3 and A4 posters, activity sheets and graphics based on this beautiful new book.

“Luna Loves Library Day is about the magic of libraries, the wonder of ink on paper, but also about their essential role in helping and aiding families, in being a safe space for everyone and anyone to learn and to discover and I truly believe that it is only through such spaces that we can support our children, shore-up our families and heal our communities.“

Joseph Coelho

Help and support

Please email for any questions about Libraries Week.

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