UKeiG CPD Event: Digital Literacy in the Workplace

UKeiG is launching a programme of multi-speaker, networking events, which will enable like-minded librarians and information professionals to meet up at CILIP in London to share and discuss their knowledge and experience in a range of key areas.

Digital literacy is fundamental to the efficiency and competency of organisations and the workforce in the knowledge economy. Library and information professionals are essential in supporting, encouraging and developing the skills and competencies required for success.

External Event: Lambeth Palace Library - 'A Very Short History of England's Cathedrals'

Professor Nicholas Orme (University of Exeter): ‘A Very Short History of England's Cathedrals’

An expert on the history of medieval children and education, Nicholas Orme’s most recent book is on the history of England’s cathedrals. This event will offer an opportunity to see the Library’s exhibition of material relating to Martin Luther and the Reformation.

External Event: Lambeth Palace Library - 'Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet'

Professor Lyndal Roper (University of Oxford): ‘Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet’

This event will be accompanied by a small exhibition of material relating to Martin Luther and the Reformation and will be followed by a drinks reception.

A joint event with the Faculty of History, University of Oxford. All are welcome, but numbers will be limited and those wishing to attend are asked to register with not later than Friday 29 September.

External Event: Lambeth Palace Library - ‘Remembering the Reformation’

Based at the Universities of Cambridge and York, this project explores how the Reformation in Britain and Europe was remembered, forgotten, contested and reinvented. The exhibition is a collaborative enterprise incorporating some of the many treasures of the Cambridge University Library, York Minster Library and Lambeth Palace Library.

A display and demonstration of the exhibition website will be accompanied by short talks by the project team, Brian Cummings, Ceri Law, Bronwyn Wallace and Alexandra Walsham. 

SLG Regional Event at City of London School

Another popular SLG event, this time held in the newly refurbished Levene Learning Centre at the City of London School.  The event is hosted by the librarian, David Rose.  Please note that the easiest way to reach this event is by public transport, as there is no parking at the school and parking is only available at a public car park nearby.

Please add your dietary requirements (if any) to the Questions/Comments box in the form.   A buffet lunch is included in the price of this event.

UKeiG CPD Workshop: Open Access, Open Monographs, Open Data, Open Peer Review: Overview of a Disruptive Technology

The concept of Open Access to research outputs has been common currency for many years. This reflects the rapid growth of the Internet making different publication models easily available. More recent thinking has expanded the concept of openness even further, to Open Science (OS), which aims to transform science by making research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society. This approach is being embraced by all academic disciplines. The shift is extremely important for the development and exploitation of research, and hence for the professionals who support it.