Schools briefings and statements

School libraries - A right

'School Libraries - a Right' is a statement about the role and value of school libraries.

(February 2011)

Key points

It sets out the core entitlements that every child, school's teaching team and wider school community should expect to receive and provides the case for a properly resourced, professionally staffed school library.

We joined a number of organisations and authors to support the 'No to age banding' campaign and produced a supporting statement. We believe that marking books as appropriate to be read by children only of a certain age group (for example 11+) is unhelpful and potentially harmful to a child's enjoyment of reading.

(October 2008)

Key points

  • Children and young people develop at different ages.
  • Personal reading experience shows that children take out of their reading what they need and many books can be read at different levels. 

A policy statement on libraries and learning.

(April 2008)

This is a generic statement about the role all libraries - not just educational libraries - play in facilitating and supporting learning.